is resume is staggering: streaming records, #1 positions and sales awards for his singles as well as Top 10 entries for the album “Mar de Colores” – it’s no secret that Alvaro Soler created lots of buzz in the Charts worldwide. However, the fact that he has a lot more to offer than just summer hits is unfolding in its entire splendor on his current album. To fathom the 28-year-old musician’s full range, it’s best to start with a peek into his biography. Having spent his early years in Barcelona with a Spanish mother and German father, Alvaro moves to Tokyo at the age of ten. What was a cultural shock initially, turned into precious inspiration shortly after. “My siblings and I went to the German School, where almost everybody was making music – back then I thought singing was like walking. Only later, back in Spain, did I realize that actually, not everyone is able to do it.” The family spends eight years in Tokyo, effectively Alvaro’s entire adolescence. “Even if the sun, the sea and the Spanish way of life mean home to me: My teenage years in Japan have given me deliberateness, candor, and values like persistence and respect. I still have many friends from that time, I’ve grown fluent in six languages, and I’ve learned at an early age that success has to be earned.”


Extraordinary facets of a musician’s personality, which, of course, are audible as well: Alvaro Soler is capable of pop, folk, hip-hop, and a grand orchestral sound; he’s a songwriter with excessive amounts of charm and stories beyond the usual cliché. Like his new single “Loca”, which stages a crazy love affair’s breathless longing in front of a mysterious urban ethno scenery with trumpet intro and jazz-infused electronic beats. The accompanying clip was shot in Tokyo, reviving Alvaro’s memories of one of the world’s most exciting and “crazy” metropolises with karaoke bars, robot diners, neon skyline, and his own life in the middle of it all. Alvaro Soler focuses on other things than traditional hit writers: “I want to make my world accessible to people and it’s not just made of a polished Instagram profile. I want to show all my facets and prove that nobody’s perfect.” Next to great vibes and superb songs, this is the golden thread of “Mar de Colores” and Alvaro Soler: Although, or exactly because he represents the other side, he pleads in favor of enjoying all the colors of life and daring to be just a little “Loca” every now and then …”



Overall, Alvaro Soler’s songs and clips have been streamed over two billion times worldwide, and his album sales have moved past the mark of one million copies. 15 million people per month are following Alvaro Soler on Spotify and over 2.3 million fans have subscribed to his YouTube channel. His most recent hit “La Cintura” reached triple platinum in Spain and Italy as well as gold in Germany and Austria and entered the Top 40 on Spotify’s Global Charts with up to 1.7 million streams per day. Alvaro Soler’s second album “Mar de Colores” (“Sea of Colors”) dropped in September 2018 and went to the Top 10 in more than ten countries. Alvaro Soler’s new single release “Loca” will be released January 25, 2019.

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